Tux Linux

Easy to Use Free Linux Operating System

Applications were chosen wisely to make the Operating System complete and keep low on system resources.
Great choice for desktop PC’s & Laptops

Great Applications included.

  • Built in GUI “Software” manager with snap application support (A Universal App Store for Linux)
  • Evolution mail client with ability to add an Office 365 mailbox
  • Remmina Remote Desktop Client with Remote Desktop Gateway support
  • Firefox Web Browser
  • LibreOffice Suite
  • GIMP & Blender
  • Ice desktop integration for webapps (Firefox, Chromium & Google Chrome supported)
  • Many other Applications (VLC, Rhythmbox, Okular, Kazam, Deluge, Deepin Screenshot,…)

With the gorgeous adapta theme & papirus icon pack, the look and feel is amazing!

Built on top of Ubuntu minimal with the lightweight & stable XFCE
as the main desktop environment.

Last Update: 13/1/2019
Release Notes