About Tux Linux

My name is Yuri Karamian, I’m pleased to present Tux Linux, Originated in Belgium.
Tux Linux is here to offer a free, easy to use & complete operating system that is based on the most popular Linux distribution; Ubuntu.
Tux Linux is fast, pretty & powerful. It will suite any type of user, if you’re a beginner you’ll find everything you need and get used to is really fast. With that said, any advanced user or Ubuntu ninja will find it comfortable to use as a daily driver. 
Tux Linux 18.04 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, (Long-term support) built on top of Ubuntu minimal. The purpose of Tux Linux is to introduce Windows users to Linux, and provide them with a comfortable and useful user experience. It is designed to be simple and suitable for new Linux users and for those who want a lightweight, highly responsive, and fully functional environment.

Why Tux Linux?

You just want to install the operating system and be ready to go.
Not struggling and wasting time setting things up that should already be there on an end-user system.
Tux Linux is lightweight, complete & looks great!

Easy to Use Free Ubuntu Remix.
Built on top of Ubuntu minimal.

updated: 13/9/2020
Release Notes